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Official Internet SPEED TEST
High Speed Broadband
Internet Access Service (via DSL/Ethernet)
(A Pre-Pay Subscription Service)

​JTC Internet Service (JTCIS) - ONLY provides Internet Access Service to Telephone Customers of Johnson Telephone Company.

The ONLY means that JTCIS has to provide Service to a Subscriber's Premise is using the Customer's Telephone Land-Line which is provided by Johnson Telephone Company
over its physical Cabling System of Copper and/or Fiber Optic Cable.

JTCIS purchases DSL/Ethernet Services from Johnson Telephone Company to allow JTCIS's Internet Access Service to ride over the same Telephone Land-Line separating Voice Services from Internet Data Services so that both can co-habitate on that same Telephone Line.

JTCIS's - Internet Access Service is:
     - a Pre-Pay Service Only; and
     - a Subscription Service Only; and
​     - an Unlimited Usage Service for a Flat Monthly Rate

Payment Methods:
    - Check
    - Cash
    - Credit or Debit Card {MC, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER}
    - AutoPay using a Credit or Debit Card

Renewal Notices - are sent by either:
    - the US Postal Service {to your mailing address}
    - Email {to your email address}   [Preferred Delivery Method]
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of providing Information & Forms to our
Current and Prospective
Telephone Customers

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